Bemuse Sparkling , Low Alcohol Mead

Start-up drinks brand Bemuse is shortlisted in the Brand Launch of the Year category in the Food and Drink Federation Awards 2022.  Having  just celebrated its first anniversary, the brand is vying for the ultimate crown against food and drink sector big-hitters including Mars Food, Princes and Walkers. 
Nature inspired Bemuse  supports the UK’s dwindling bee population by reimagining ancient honey drink mead for a modern audience.  My interest piqued, the company kindly sent me some drinks to try. I can say that they went down very well indeed especially on these, the hottest days of the year!   Besides the fact Bemuse is  deliciously tasty, the drinks are low in sugar, alcohol and calories, all natural and gluten free to boot.  Can't be bad, can it?

Let me tell you about the flavours available.  Light and fruity Hops Infused Sparkling Low Alcohol Mead is described as 'curiously crisp and hoppy.'  Brewed with wildflower honey, the flavour may change slightly depending on the flowers the bees go to.  Pair this one with fish or barbecued meats.

Raspberry Sparkling Low Alcohol Mead is described as 'curiously fresh and aromatic'.
Light and refreshing, this contains orange blossom honey and raspberries. The scent is light, citrusy, with a super-refreshing taste which has the merest hint of sweetness.  Pair with tart dressings and sauces or enjoy with cheese, salad or dessert.

Ginger & Cardamom Sparkling Low Alcohol Mead is described as 'curiously zesty and fragrant'.
Brewed with apple blossom honey, it has a pleasant, fresh scent and added zing due to the addition of aromatic ginger and cardamom. Pair with spicy,  highly seasoned foods or something with a sweet glaze or sauce.

Tarragon, Basil & Hops Sparkling Low Alcohol Mead  is described as 'curiously tangy, smoky and refreshing'. The honey is from ling heather blossoms found on Scottish moors with the addition of tarragon, basil and hops.  Delicately refreshing, it is slightly tangy with a mild sweetness and hint of smokiness. Pair with light seafood or herby dishes .

Co-founder Anna Chalov  explained, 'From the beginning, we had a very clear vision for Bemuse and wanted to create a non-alcoholic drink that was refreshing. tasty, low in calories but which also supported the natural world.  In Bemuse, we have created a unique drinks category as the only range of non-alcoholic craft meads and which are produced by natural fermentation of honey, water and yeast, infused with natural ingredients to create four distinctive flavours. '

FDF award winners will be revealed at a ceremony hosted by Jay Rayner on 15 September. 
Bemuse sparkling low-alcohol meads are 0.5% ABV and available in 330ml fully recycled cans.

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