No2Low Show - September 2022

At the end of September, we celebrated our official birthday at the No2Low Show – having launched at their very first edition in June 2021, very soon after the lifting of lockdown! We stepped boldly into the world with the curiously modern and unique mead, and our four carefully crafted flavours were born. And what a full and wild ride it has been since…. awards, events, some more awards, new listings and a big push towards crowdfunding.


This time the No2Low Show partnered with the Hospitality Show and there were no restrictions, free flowing conversations, embraces and plenty of sampling – which is just the way we like it! We met some old friends and connections as well as new acquaintances – all surrounded and supported by a warm, vibrant No2Low community.


We had great feedback on our new can design, our hero foil bee, our bright bee tote bags that one bar had made into cushions – and somebody even made an effort to come back to congratulate us on the name [having obviously pondered over it over the course of the show!]. What we learnt was that everybody has their own favourite in the range - it isn’t something we can predict – unless of course they have a flavour matching outfit!