Wild Raspberry Rosé & Original Brut Mixed Pack

  • €52,95

Bemuse is a modern re-imagining of ancient mead. A naturally fermented sparkling drink with nuanced flavours and a crisp, dry finish.

Our mixed pack includes the Wild Raspberry Rose & Original Brut flavours.

Made with Spanish Orange Blossom honey, Wild Raspberry Rose is zippy and bright with a fresh effervescence. Perfectly balanced red fruits and blackcurrant leaf build to an elegant, zesty finish.

Pair with cheese, summer salads, picnics, desserts or as an aperitif

Made with English Wildflower Honey, Original Brut is light and zingy with elegant effervescence. Subtle gooseberry and green apple notes create balanced acidity and a clean finish.

Pair with seafood, al fresco lunches, canapés or as an aperitif.

Curiously Modern Mead


Water, Raw Spring Wildflower Honey, Yeast, Cascade Citra & Ekuanot Hops, Orange Blossom Honey, Yeast, Fresh Raspberry