Bemuse Pomona Brut

  • €14,95

Bemuse Pomona Brut effervescent honey wine is an exclusive naturally fermented sparkling blend, made with delicate Apple Blossom Honey from the English Orchard, fresh ginger, cardamom and zing of orange peel.

A gentle and aromatic palate with the warmth of cardamom spice, a touch of ginger heat and invigorating hints of fruit and citrus. Elegant and intriguing with a dry and zesty finish.

Served chilled in a champagne flute.

Pair with stronger cheese, spicy, bolder dishes and roast dinners

Raw Apple Blossom Honey, Water, Yeast, Fresh Ginger, Green Cardamom, Black Cardamom, Bitter Orange Peel (Gluten Free)