*NEW* Calluna Tarragon & Basil

  • €39,95

Calluna Tarragon & Basil effervescent honey wine is an exclusive naturally fermented sparkling blend, made with fragrant Raw Heather Honey from the Scottish moorlands & an intriguing combination of Tarragon, Thai Basil & Cascade Hops.

Herbaceous notes emerge together with earthy, savoury undertones, hints of fresh grass and hazelnut. Refined and aromatic with a dry and unexpected tangy finish.

Serve chilled in a champagne flute.

Pair with seafood, roast chicken, bbq or herb-strewn garden salad.


12 x 250ml


Raw Heather, Honey, Water, Yeast, Cascade Hops, Thai Basil, Tarragon (Gluten Free)